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Video: Helicopter flight of one of Antony Gormley's bodies up to the Widderstein in the High-Alps of Vorarlberg, Austria; posted in July 2010. The landscape exhibition 'Antony Gormley. Horizon Field' is presented by Kunsthaus Bregenz. From August 2010 until April 2012, British artist Antony Gormley's 100 life-size iron figures of the human body are installed in an area of 150 square kilometres. The installation focuses on the relational aspect that humans experience in their lives. 

The Kunsthaus Bregenz quotes Antony Gormley (April 2010): "It asks basic questions: who are we, what are we, where do we come from and to where are we headed?”

fall/winter 2010/11

fashion by Diesel, Levi's, Gloriette, Lux:us, Geox

Country trip to nature

Nature is season-interactive material for transformative art works. Let's take a look at two places, where nature becomes the material of art.

The Carribean: Jason de Caires Taylor's lifesized figures re-generate the natural coral reef in the Carribean (Grenada, West Indies). He describes one sculpture group that shows 26 children in a circle how they become slowly part of the undersea like children that grow into the upper world. "They take on the characteristics and personality of where they are." The video by 'divetaylor' on Youtube shows the transformation of the bodies over 2 years.

The Central European High-Alps: Antony Gormley has installed 100 lifesized figures in the High-Alps of Vorarlberg, Austria. For Antony Gormley, the human body is a place of memory and transformation - like the caches which we are using mostly unconsciously but permanently while working on a computer and in the online world. The artist exposes the iron figures and involves the elements and the seasons to work further on his sculptures that will change through the times their appearance for the viewer.

Fashionoffice has collected some fashionable pieces for a country trip into the mountains.

fig.: beginning with the...

5pockets jeans 'Ronhary' for women with artful stitched holes and decorated with metallic chains by Diesel, FW2010/11. 'Wire' and 'handmade' are keywords of this collection. Photo: (C) Ivan Lattuada.

'Mid Shawl Cardigan' for men by Levi's, FW2010/11. 'Live your Idols' is the motto of Levi's FW2010/11 collection. The idols from school time, the guitarist in the rock band, the girl from the café, etc. are the role models for the pieces. The styles span over 30 or 40 years from the 60ies up to the 90ies. The knit jacket on this page is from Levi's 'College Rebellion' collection.

White-pink checked blouse by Gloriette, FW2010/11. Fashionoffice has received the image of the blouse with some additional advice to use it for dressing up during country holidays in the European Central Alps visiting the 'Salzburger Festspiele' (find out more on the Fashionoffice article from 2009 which gives insight into the history of the festival and costume, make up direction in Salzburg), or at the beer festival 'Oktoberfest' on the 'Wiesn' (means 'greenfield') in Munich.

Heart with roses by Lux:us, FW2010/11.

Mountain wedges by Geox, FW2010/11.

Weekender by Diesel, FW2010/11.

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