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fig.: 'Anti-Glare' from the 'Never Hide' ad series from the 'Envision' campaign by Ray-Ban, released in April 2013; agency Publicis, Global Creative Director Erik Vervroegen. The campaign was shot between 7 and 10 November 2012 in Los Angeles, California by photographer Mark Seliger; producer: Ruth Levy; styling: Colleen Atwood; hair stylist: Jamal Hammadi; make-up artist: Jo Strettell; manicurist: Jenna Hipp; set designer: Andy Henbest; location scout: Brenda Ferrell.

True or untrue settings?

Seen at the new Ray-Ban 'Envision' campaign with 'Never Hide' ads in May 2013.

The campaign with images captured by photographer Mark Seliger started to appear in media already in April, the press release is dated with March and the images were shot in November last year. Fashionoffice received the press information in May 2013; probably because the campaign started in Austria later. In the Austrian text for the press, the design of the PR campaign is credited to Oscar nominated stylist Colleen Atwood, who appears at other sources as the one who was responsible for the styling of the costumes and is - by the way - Oscar nominated and Oscar winning costume designer. Original German text: "Die zum zweiten Mal von Fotograf Mark Seliger festgehaltene und von der für den Oscar nominierten Stylistin Colleen Atwood entworfene PR-Kampagne wurde an verschiedenen Orten in Kalifornien im vergangenen November aufgenommen..." Perhaps the information about the creator of the PR campaign was lost in translation. Publicis Creative Director Erik Vervroegen delivered the ideas for the advertising campaign.

Well, the campaign's title 'Envision' and the slogan 'Never Hide' are great and inspire people to tell something about their visions. On Ray-Ban's website of The Envisions Series, people can post their visions and tell something about their dreams they wish to become true. An additional message of the campaign is to see our world from other perspectives and to be true to oneself, even when courage and coolness is essential to do so; courage and coolness are two core-values Ray-Ban is standing for.

But this is advertising! And not everything what is shown is 'true'. The flying cyclist on view on the photo on this page was "suspended in mid air over professional bikers" unveils Ray-Ban the truth behind the ad Anti-Glare. With another image called Highly Resistant, Ray-Ban makes aware that even war reports or images from natural disasters can be manipulated or carry wrong information. As if Ray-Ban would make people aware to watch carefully the things they believe.

Don't miss the Dominator video from Ray-Ban's Never Hide Films! The setting of the Dominator film is too good to be true! But there is no question about truth in this case - only funny.

Video: 'Dominator - bikini body builder vs. Rubik's cube' from the Never Hide Films on

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