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ART is running a research unit for detecting trends in global development of art and design. Fashionoffice is also searching young talents in art and design and presents emerging artists to a worldwide audience of professionals in art and design, curators, museums, galleries and collectors.
EDUCATION gives young designers support in presenting themselves to an international audience of professionals in fashion, the media, and art, and gives them the chance to take part in special educational programs at Fashionoffice that connect theoretical know how with the practical application in professional projects.

Together with international renowned institutions, fashion & design schools und global acting companies has started since 1996 a great variety of international fashion design awards to find new talents, presenting them to an international audience of professionals, and promoting their works.


Since 1996 supports national und international organisations and NGO’s by providing them with global social advertising campaigns free of charge to spread their messages around the globe:

  • unicef
  • Red Cross
  • Amnesty International
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases
  • Aids Vaccine
  • EU Journalist Award (
  • United Nations
  • Reporters without Borders
  • an Amnesty International Campaign
  • ...
SCIENCE supports and runs research departments, which are aimed to reveal the developments of shifts in global aesthetic norms and symbols in their common and their differentiating aspects and potentials beyond national and cultural borders:,
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ARCHIVE has created together with its research units a unique and sophisticated concept of collecting the works of artists and designers around the globe with different cultural background to document the main lines of development of a global culture of aesthetic signs and symbols connecting and differentiating the great variety of self concepts and world outlooks:

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