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by Karin Sawetz
on 18 November 2012

Gastronomy experiences in Vienna

It feels like blasphemy to write about good living in times of protest walks in whole Europe caused by neglected warnings of economists who calculated the effects of austerity measures which concern especially the middle and lower classes - some call this group 'The 99%'. Economists found out that saving money by stressing The 99% can (mathematically) not lead to happy endings.

fig.: The advertising column 'Stroh 80% - The Spirit of Austria' shows a skier who holds a bottle. The 80% alcohol is used in small amounts in Jagatee or punches which are traditional beverages at après ski. Seen on the culinary tour through Vienna in Sigmund Freud Park in mid-November 2012.

Why should one woman buy thousands of bottles of perfume? 1% of the female population can not balance the volume of sales of the women's fashion and beauty industry - even not if all women of 'The 1%' are hilarious ultra shoe freaks or perfume addicted. And with less consumers, the job places disappear with the additional effect that one person has to perform as much as two or three workers. This makes the people go on streets - a justified protest walk as far as I understand the current economical dilemma. The people protest against the austerity measures because of the simple things in life such as heating, eating or to afford special (and not so special like teethes, optical eyewear, orthopedic tools...) medical care services which are not covered by the average insurance. Vienna for example is one of the most expensive cities for living worldwide; especially the costs for rent, energy, and transportation (public and private) grew during the last years while the incomes stagnated. Vienna is a nice place where people live better than in many other countries - but Austria is not an 'Island of the Blessed' such as Pope Benedikt XVI once said during his visit in Vienna: "l'Austria non è un' 'isola felice'". Normally, I don't agree (as a woman) with the Pope; but he is right.

fig.: The photos were taken in mid-November 2012 in Vienna. Above (brand new 'Pasta & Café by Interspar' at 'The Mall' in Wien Mitte), left: Apple-currant juice with the creamy dark chocolate 'profiterole'. Middle: Toast Hawaii spiced with curry. Right: The image shows me eating the toast.
Below ('Gourmet Punch' in Sigmund Freud Park), left: Advertising column for one of the main ingredients of the punches. Middle: Punches with and without alcohol. Right: The bar in Austrian hunter style.

I can recommend both locations - but please take care with the punches mixed with (80%!) alcohol! One of them tastes sneakily like chocolate confect.

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