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Liqueur as medicine alike apothecary product

In mid-November 2013, the German herbal liqueur brand Borgmann1772 will release the limited edition No 8 by Berlin-based artist SuperBlast who decorated the bottle with his impression of the alcoholic beverage with symbols of mortality (skull), seduction/evil and healing/garden of Eden (the snake stands for both of it).

The snake as symbol is used for medicine and can be found at store fronts of pharmacies. SuperBlast's snake references not only the content of the bottle (drug) but also the historical approach to the mixture of the Borgmann1772 herbal drink.

Borgmann1772 is a young label (founded 2006) with strong connections to the making of herbal liqueur as medicine alike apothecary product. One of the years mentioned in the long history on the brand's website is 1772 - therefore the number as part of the name.

fig.: SuperBlast's bottle for the limited edition No 8 by Borgmann1772 will be available at culinary hotspots, selected stores and online from 15 November 2013 on. "The idea of linking my work to traditional values and contemporary design, in line with the Borgmann philosophy, particularly appealed to me. Making my art fit with this philosophy was a real thrill," says SuperBlast. Thrilling is also the illustration which shows the spirit setting itself free from the body (on view on the bottle right: the spirit looks like a caviar cloud that is running out of the skull's eye holes) - probably a health warning (in the meaning of 'Too much of it can harm your brain') for users of the beverage.

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