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fig.: The image shows The Rodnik Band designer Philip Colbert sitting on a bottle of the new 'Andy Warhol Limited Edition' by Absolut Vodka; beside him stands a model wearing an item with portrait of Andy Warhol. Photo: (C) Verena Mandragora /

Fashionoffice tip: Don't miss The Rodnik Band's website! It's an entertaining resource for another view on the history of modern art (category collections), music (The Rodnik Band's 'Venus in Sequins' is a new interpretation of Lou Reed's 'Venus in Furs'), legendary comics on clothing (Rodnik x Peanuts Collection for Urban Outfitters), photos of fans of the label like Cara Delevingne etc.

Fashion that re-interprets iconic artists

...presented by the British pop art fashion, music label The Rodnik Band yesterday on 2 October 2014 on invitation of Absolut Vodka. The fashion pieces will be on view from 3 October until the end of the year at the Viennese sneaker/fashion store and cafe/bar 'Sneak In'.

The beverages brand collaborated with The Rodnik Band designer Philip Colbert (image right) for the launch of the 'Andy Warhol Limited Edition'. Results of the collaboration are three dresses which are exhibited at 'Sneak In' (two on view on this page) and a limited t-shirt edition.

Additionally to the three special Absolut dresses (which are currently not for sale) and the collaborative Rodnik x Absolut t-shirt with Andy Warhol-print (limited to 30 items, for sale), The Rodnik Band opened at Sneak In a pop-up store where fashion pieces from the current collection are available from today 3 October until the end of the year.

Absolut invited Austrian artists to reflect upon quotes of Andy Warhol such as "I will go to the opening of anything, including a toilet seat". On view are works by visual communication designer Anna Hazod, graphic designer Fabienne Feltus of Bureau F (publishes photos of the work and the event), tattoo artist Sam Rulz, INDIE Magazine's Kira Stachowitsch & photographer Daliah Spiegel, artist collective Perfekt World, and visual artist collective Neon Golden.

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