new orleans beans with orange and fruits de la mer

for a summer fresh feeling

Ingredients: (4 persons)

  • olive oil for the can
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 800 gr. red beans
  • 400 gr. fruits de la mer
  • few lemon peel
  • white wine
  • Chili sauce (sweet)
  • 400 gr. tomato puree
  • 2 big sweet oranges
  • mixed pepper
  • salt

1. olive oil in the pan
2. when you smell the olives of the oil put the garlic into the pan and let them simmer a short time
3. put the beans into the pan
4. let the beans simmer around 10 minutes - flavor with mixed pepper and a few whtie wine
5. after 10 minutes add the tomatoe puree - let it simmer around 10 minutes
6. Add the fruits de la mer and 1 and a half of the oranges (cutted), flavor it again with mixed pepper, put chili sauce (sweet) into it
7. Spice it after around 10 minutes with salt and put the rest of the oranges cutted into the sauce
Before serving, spice it with parsley
9. Serve it with white bread