Beauty & Power

"How can we stay healthy, get an ideal figure and have fun with cooking and eating delicious things at the same time?"

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Frigo, University of Vienna, Medical School: "The new frontiers in medicine are lifestyle medicine, anti-aging medicine and overall gender- specific medicine – meaning a distinguished point of view of women and men. Diet and sport play a major role in this field. So you can eat delicious things when you are looking at the time of food intake. It is important to know that your body regenerates through the night, meaning that there is a loss of fat and some gain of muscle due to an increase of growth hormon about midnight.

Calory restriction in the evening leads to a high increase of growth hormon whereas carbohydrate intake in the night (late dinner) blocks it. Fortunately you should count your calory intake per week so you can have a late dinner on Saturday, but not the rest of the week. The second point is sporting activity for burning your calories. This should be done three times per week for at least twenty minutes each.

A new trend is the so called functional food/ functional drinks. Beauty & Power for example is the first functional drink in Austria and contains pomegranate, yams root, vitamines, minerals and carnitin (helps the fat burning process). I developed this drink in two years of scientific research as an approach to lifestyle and gender- specific medicine.

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