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Video: 'I Blame Baltimore' by the singer/songwriter Sebastian Blanck from his debut album 'Alibi Coast' which will be released on 22 June 2010. The video is directed by Ben Syverson, a good friend of the musician. In early May 2010, it premiered on Stereogum.

Sebastian Blanck (born 1976, Connecticut) is a painter too. He graduated at the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence. On the website of the New York living artist you will find an exhibition title as well as an publication with the same name like the track. The songs are in the style of 60s/70s guitar lessons and tell very personal stories from the musicians life - about the past and the future.

spring/summer 2010
fall/winter 2010/11

  • fashion by Adidas, Tine Beez
  • beauty by La Prairie
  • art by Isaac Julien, Pawel Althamer
  • music by Sebastian Blanck

Writing and re-writing history

History ranges in the world of sciences as an 'uncertain science'; because it belongs to the time and angle from which we view on the things that happened. After 10, 30, or 100 years and under the influence of other value systems or simply a taste that has changed, things can look pretty different.

Such as heels on shoes which are used to identify historic societies. For example, wedges celebrate since their invention by the Italian shoe maker Salvatore Ferragamo in 1936 several high fashion times and are constantly objects of re-design.

Historic shoe fans will find at the website of the Canadian Bata Shoe Museum some nice extraordinary designs from the Renaissance to the Baroque; the exhibition runs until 20 September 2010.

The ones, who love to walk through a museum and get inspired by the fashion of former societies, the call of the 'European Fashion Designer Competition 2010' is worthy to look closer. The competition requires students to take their inspiration for a single garment design from the Medieval and Renaissance galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

History is an inspiring source for discoverers of future-design.

fig.: beginning from above with the woman...

'from True North' by Isaac Julien, 2004. Video installation with three screens and sound. Collection of the Akron Art Museum, Purchased, by exchange, with funds from Mrs. Frederick W. Gehring, and the Knight Purchase Fund for Photographic Media 2005.1

The Akron Art Museum (Ohio, US) exhibits the audio-visual installation by the British artist Isaac Julien about the history of the discovery of the North Pole under the title 'Arctic Re-visions: Isaac Julien’s True North' from 5 June until 3 October 2010.

The woman on the photo represents the artist's re-imagination of the history of the North Pole expedition from a race and gender view. This re-imagination is inspired by the true story of the black American explorer Matthew Henson (1866-1955) who has reached the North Pole together with Robert Peary in 1909. But in difference to Peary, Henson was honored almost a half century later.

High-fashion, sportive knee high boots by Adidas, FW2010/11. Adidas has introduced the wedges already in S/S 2009 and designs since then variations in materials and details like lace-up versions or knee high boots (this page) which look like down jackets on legs.

'Self-portrait – Sorcerer' by the Polish artist Pawel Althamer (born 1967). Photo: (C) Foksal Gallery Foundation. Pawel Althamer's retro-futuristic figure in cyborg style with mobile phones around his body, a magical feather on his head, and Nike sport shoes on his 'dancing feet' is auto-biographic. The sculpture is part of the group exhibition with focus on the literary and filmic genre 'Science Fiction' between 1945 and 1989. 'The Science of Imagination', so the title of the exhibition, runs until 27 June 2010 in cooperation with the Siemens foundation at the Ludwig Múzeum – Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest.

Active wear by Tine Beez, 2010. In May 2010, the graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London (grown up in Germany, moved in 2006 to London) presented her debut active wear collection inspired by the British Mount Everest mountaineer George Mallory (1886 – 1924) with a lookbook entitled ‘Fashion meets Technology’. She focuses on the material; especially the combination of natural fibres with Nano-technology. Tine Beez states: "Despite Mallory’s attempt to concur Everest being almost 100 years ago, and that his outfit was made using only natural materials, tests have shown that it was more advanced than many of today’s sports and mountain wear."

Tine Beez uses natural healing fibres such as Milk- Pearl and Aloe Vera that help to moisturize the skin and stimulate blood circulation in the outfit’s inner layers while Nano-technology is used to enhance wind protection and waterproofing in the outer layers. The designer integrated 'futuristic' features such as shock absorbent pads made of intelligent molecules that lock together upon impact to prevent accidents. For sure, entertaining features like the Fibertronics’ internal iPod cable system are included in these clothes.

Advanced Marine Biology Collection (tonic, fluid for day/night, day cream SPF 20) by La Prairie, premiered in September 2008. The new collection is created from the 'Eco Luxury' idea - to use the ingredients of aqua cultures without harming the ocean. The ingredients such as algae or seaweed are cultivated on land. Ambassador of the new line is Céline Cousteau (born 1972 in California, living in New York) who follows the footsteps of her grandfather, filmmaker, scientist and ecologist Jacques Cousteau. She makes movies and holds lectures on the protection of the environment, especially about the eco-system of the oceans. BTW: the tonic can be used by men as aftershave.

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