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fall/winter 2010/11
spring/summer 2011

art by Ronnie Tjampitjinpa in exhibition at Museum Ludwig, Peter Sengl for Xenox
fashion by Levi's, Puma
beauty by Estée Lauder
motor by Ultra Motor

From Australia to Austria to California

What looks like a scarf is a painting by an Australian artist showing Aboriginal ceremonies and the bracelet is decorated with art objects which are metaphors on our society by an Austrian painter.

Fashionoffice has mixed the nice-to-look-at pieces with fashion like the trippy t-shirt from the collection 'California Dreaming' illustrated with a feathered tiger head...

The e-bike and the sportive shoes accompany the explorer look.

fig.: 'Tingari Ceremonies at the Site of Pintjun' (1989) by the Australian artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa (born ca. 1943, Pintupi, Northern Territory/Western Australia). 152 x 180 cm acrylic on canvas. Gabrielle Pizzi Collection, Melbourne. (C) Ronnie Tjampitjinpa 2010, Aboriginal Arts Agency (AAA).

The painting is part of the exhibition 'Remembering Forward – Australian Aboriginal Painting since 1960' at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany (20 Nov 2010 - 20 March 2011), which gives with the works of nine artists an insight into the believes of the Indigenous population (such as the lines on the image on this page are representing Tingari ceremonies from the Aboriginal's believe system called 'The Dreaming'), and tells stories of historical events of the colonization such as the image about the violent early days 'Bedford Downs Massacre Burning Place' by Paddy Bedford.

Bracelet with charms by the Austrian artist Peter Sengl for Xenox, limited edition of 500 per motif, FW2010/11.

The Vienna based painter Peter Sengl (born 1945) has translated his view on the phantasies and obsessions of our society into metaphoric images of cats, birds, clowns and devils for 6 different charm motifs.

The woman wears a green parka, slim boyfriend shorts and a t-shirt by Levi's, from the 'California Dreaming' SS2011 collection. The trippy t-shirt is illustrated with a tiger head which is surrounded by feathers and two freaky mice in jeans with flowers on their heads and umbrellas in the hands.

Make-up collection 'Pure Color Extravagant' with deep reds and shimmering gold for the cold days by Estée Lauder creative director Tom Pecheux, Holiday 2010. Tom Pecheux advices to experiment with the colors for eyes and lips by applying different colors in layers.

Black e-bike 'A2B Metro' by Ultra Motor, seen in FW2010/11.

High heel boots from the 'Rudolf Dassler'-line by Puma, FW2010/11.

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