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Yves Saint Laurent - Pierre Bergé, l'amour fou (2010)
Director: Pierre Thoretton

L'Amour Fou

Just as Paris Fashion Week (28 Sept - 6 Oct) starts, the documentary 'L'Amour Fou' is a theme in fashion online. The film about the relationship between Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé was released in September 2010 in Spain, Belgium, Brazil and France.

Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized not only Haute Couture tradition and has laid the foundations of modern women’s wear; he was the personification of a new man. His legendary ad campaign for YSL 'Pour Homme', photographed by Jeanloup Sieff in 1971, shows him provocative naked. Vogue cites Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent's business partner, who said in 1997 about the image of YSL 'Pour Homme': "It was just provocation on the part of Yves Saint Laurent. The picture didn't specifically target the gay population, even though it resonated strongly among them. In any case the photo was hardly published at the time. Just barely in the French press. It was only much later on that it became an almost mythical icon."

YSL stands synonymously for social revolutions such as gender roles. Yves Saint Laurent (born in 1936, died on 1st June 2008) defined both masculinity and femininity new and left a signature that transcends fashion.

Stéphane Gaboué writes on about the documentary 'L'Amour Fou': "But the designer's humorous side is also revealed. In one interview, he was asked what his idea of happiness is..."

Video: Trailer 'Yves Saint Laurent - Pierre Bergé, l'amour fou', premiered on 22 September 2010 in France. In the video, YSL is answering some questions on femininity.

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