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fig.: The picture from a scene of the new movie 'Anonymous' shows actress Joely Richardson in the role of Princess Elisabeth Tudor, who becomes later Queen Elizabeth I. Richardson will appear this year in another new movie; David Fincher's 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' about a male journalist and a female computer hacker. On this photo above, right from her is sitting David Thewlis in the role of the Queen's Chief Minister William Cecil. 'Anonymous' is directed by Roland Emmerich. Photo: (C) 2011 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH.


Costumes that ‘have seen better days’

...was the 'Anonymous'-script advice for costume designer Lisy Christl who boiled, shrank, then dyed and painted the fabrics to transform them into director Roland Emmerich's desired look for the authentic atmosphere of the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England and the movie's picture style with low light that comes from candles and fireplaces.

"With the new developments in digital cinematography, we could really take advantage of candlelight and firelight," says Director of Photography Anna Foerster. "For a period piece, using available light – candles, fireplaces, whatever comes in from outside – makes it real." Together with Emmerich, she developed the look of the film from the paintings of Johannes Vermeer and Georges de La Tour. "Vermeer uses the soft, diffused daylight that comes in through windows; de La Tour would have a single source of light, a candle or a torch."

German costume designer Lisy Christl studied for the movie's three hundred costumes English history and portraits from the 16th century. Queen Elizabeth alone wears ca. 20 gowns which were made by hand at the costumier Sands Film in London.

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