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ESSL MUSEUM - Sommerfest 'Festival of Animals
/Ein Fest der Tiere'
18 - 19 June 2011, Klosterneuburg (Lower Austria)

Kids meet art on spooky museum tour

On 18 and 19 June 2011, the Austrian private art collection Essl invites to the summer festival under the motto 'Animals' to its own museum nearby Vienna in Klosterneuburg. At the festival, kids can get in playful touch with the world of art under the direction of professional art mediators who will guide the children with pocket lamps to amazing animals found in the works of artists or introduce them into painting in an atelier in the garden of the museum where the kids can produce their own 'masterpieces'. The Essl Museum organises on the two days even tombolas with t-shirts showing animals by artist Deborah Sengl. Details about the summer festival and the exhibiton 'Festival of Animals' (runs until 21 August 2011) on

fig. left: The desired prey (zebra) uncovers itself as predator (lioness). The title of the art object (132x210x55cm) refers to this transformation process 'Die Löwin - als Raubtier - ertarnt sich die begehrte Beute' by Deborah Sengl, 2004. Photo: Mischa Nawrata, Wien. (C) Sammlung Essl Privatstiftung.

fig. above.: Preview to the summer festival especially for kids and parents at the Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg nearby Vienna under the motto 'Ein Fest der Tiere' which can be translated as 'Animal Party' on 18 and 19 June 2011. Photo: Tom Lamm (C) Tom Lamm (C) Essl Museum. Klosterneuburg / Wien.

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