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part of 'Overlap - an exhibition on art and design'
9 April - 15 May 2011
Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (DK)

Art and design in everday life

Michael Johansson (born 1975, Sweden) is one of 18 artists and designers of the exhibition 'Overlap' with focus on the merger of art and design in everyday life from 9 April to 15 May 2011 at the Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Michael Johansson finds his materials on flea markets and recycles them into stylish art objects that evoke statements like the one by the English channel of Deutsche Welle (video below): 'How much artistic content there is in everyday objects'. In another series, Michael Johansson comments today's lifestyle with objects that look like building sets from a kids playground; such as the TOYS’R’US boat in a plastic frame, the elements of a scooter in life-size, or the bold red hair dryer like from the Barbie set...

The exhibition 'Overlap' questions "What happens when the functional design object meets art?'

"There is a conceptual expansion of concepts in which humour, irony and play are elements that seem to characterize the works. Experience how the Swedish artist Michael Johansson systemizes and organizes recognisable objects from our daily life and adapts them to the exhibition space in the form of colourful installation sculptures."

Video portrait 'Recycling in Style - Artist Michael Johansson' by the English channel of the German headquartered international broadcaster Deutsche Welle.


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