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fig.: Ralf Paul, the illustrator of the Stetson comic. On his head, his own design of a Stetson Cuba-cap in black fabric with Ralf's motto 'Born To Draw'. Ralf Paul has received as the first German the authorization to create a Superman and Batman poster and has drawn the cover for one German language Spiderman issue. Since 2007, he releases his own action-comic series 'Helden' on

Comic-heroes starring in fashion

US label Stetson presents the special 'Gotham Collection' fall/winter 2011/12 with a comic inspired by the crime-fighters of Batman's mysterious and dark Gotham City. The comic is drawn by German illustrator Ralf Paul.

Stetson started in 1865 with the company's signature Western hats made of long-lasting felt which has water repellent qualities. The development of the typical Western hats had functional reasons such as sun and rain protection of horse riders and gold miners.

Today, Stetson produces hats, fashionable caps, and apparel for women and men, since 2011 additionally home textiles. Stetson collaborates with US designer and CFDA award winner Billy Reid on an own hat line; the current 'Stetson hats by Billy Reid' collection is inspired by Brit-style, such as seen in September 2011 at the herringbone English driving cap.

fig.: On the pictures, the crime-fighter left wears a cap in military style, the man in the middle an elegant flat cap, and the woman a modern 'Trilby'-hat. Ralf Paul developed the storyboard with detective JBS in the main role of the hero ('JBS' pays homage to John B. Stetson, the creator of the first 'Stetson' in the middle of the 19th century). The pictures show the process of the first sketches with pencils to the final image optimized with computer techniques. The images of the hats are integrated into the comic-scenery after they had been photographed in the requested position.

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