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fig.: Video still from the 'intakt'-video by Pelican Avenue. Photo: (C) Pelican Video.

Video for the 'intakt'- installation about utopic architecture and surreal industry by Pelican Avenue / Pelican Video (2009). Camera and light by Jef Jacobs. "It shows humans as a negligible part of a powerful machine forming an abstract, ever transforming scene."

'GET IN THE HAZE - Where does fashion end and art begin?'

20 May - 5 September 2011
freiraum quartier21 International, Museumsquartier in Vienna (AT)

A strategy to make structures of fashion trends visible

Antwerp (Belgium) based fashion, video, art duo Pelican Avenue (founded by the Austrian fashion designer Carolin Lerch and the Belgian multimedia artist Michiel Helbig) is one of more than twenty labels at the exhibition 'Get in the Haze' from 20 May to 5 September 2001 at the Museumsquartier in Vienna.

'Get in the Haze' is about the interrelation between art, performance, architecture, design, music, and fashion. The fashion/art pieces are inviting viewers to question the similarities and differences of art and fashion but also to get an idea of the development of trends.

Pelican Avenue for example elaborates a new on current fashion trends not only with own clothing collections. The duo reflects in 'Pelican video'-projects fashion trends with various media like video, photography, installations, and performances and makes this way underlying structures visible.

"The works of the best of today's designers display self-awareness and, at times, political intent." says Spanish-born, Antwerp based visual artist and curator Lliure Briz

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