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Dressing up
a vinyl toy

Designer vinyl toys and art, especially photography and street art, will be presented at the pop-up store 'Toykio x NRW Forum' from 27 January until 26 February 2012 at the exhibition space of the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf, Germany.

fig.: The DIY vinyl figures with names like Bub, Tricky or Munny (the one on this page) from the series Munnyworld are the main 'gamers' at the pop-up store Toykio x NRW Forum. DIY is the acronym for 'Do-it-yourself' and refers to the interactive design process where the users can paint or dress them up like they want by following the Munnyworld motto 'You can do anything you want'. On the pop-up store opening day on 27 January 2012, seven artists like Flying Förtress, Max Fiedler and the Majo Bros. will customize the toys during a live performance; the music will be provided by DJ Rafik.

Toykio is a Düsseldorf based concept store and combines everyday objects, clothing, toys, artworks, bagels, homemade croissants and coffee since May 2011 in a gallery-coffee-shop-space with focus on the urban art scene.

Video, music by In November 2011, Toykio presented the NSW Destroyer jacket by Nike upgraded with the artwork by Flying Förtress who is one of the artists at the opening event of Toykio x NRW Forum. Toykio publishes more details about the collaborative Nike jacket on the store's website: "Together with an homage to the Number 7 and their local football team Fortuna Düsseldorf, it is graced with patches by German artists Stefan Strumbel & Flying Förtress. ..."

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