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Video: The 'Sebastian's Voodoo' (2008, US) short movie is directed by Joaquin Baldwin (from Paraguay, living in Los Angeles). Baldwin has received numerous awards and honors for his film. The story is about a Voodoo doll that finds the courage and saves its friends from being pinned to death; and it tells the story that wishes can react on the one who express them.

Voodoo in film and exhibition

The ancient religious cult Voodoo is strongly associated with the dolls that are used for influencing the life of somebody else; such as it is shown in the dramatic video on this page.

In March 2011, the Fondation Cartier in Paris announces the exhibition 'Vaudou, African Voodoo' (5 April to 25 September 2011) which throws a light on the aesthetics and role of Voodoo objects.

The objects, especially statues, were collected by Jacques Kerchache in the late 1960s on his travels to the African Republic of Benin, which is called the birthplace of Voodoo.

The making of the 'Bocio' (means empowered 'bo' cadaver 'cio') sculptures are a secret. The composition of materials and the layer (include clay, palm oil, special medicine...) of the alchemistic sculptures are the materialisations of wishes into the future like to encourage fertility or keep one’s family secure. Bocio sculptures are mediators to the energies of Voodoo deities. In Africa, the religious cult is practised from the coasts of Togo to Western Nigeria.

The exhibition is accompanied by performances, concerts, projections, etc. starting with 'Witchcraft Through The Ages' on 21 April, followed by events such as the show 'Cabaret Mystère' on 16 May. Details on

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