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fig. left: The sticker is designed by Walking-Chair for the art-labour-technology presentation 'At Your Service' (23 March 2012 until 3 March 2013) at the Technisches Museum in Vienna. The sticker is part of the cover of the red chair which is made of fig. middle: recycled red worker jackets and trousers. fig. right: 'Hard Working'-chair by Walking-Chair in collaboration with fashion designer Daniel Kroh, manufactured by Kohlmaier. Photos: (C) Technisches Museum Wien.

Work trousers
into chairs

Men's wear designer Daniel Kroh follows the motto 'ReClothings' and re-works recycled material from used clothes such as working trousers into classical tailored suits. The combination applies an aristocratic working class touch to the pieces. (Daniel Kroh presents the process 'overall to suit' with the fashion film 'Cold Water Jump'.)

Now, Berlin based fashion designer Daniel Kroh has elaborated together with the Viennese design studio Walking-Chair 'Hard Working Furniture' for the exhibition 'At Your Service - Art and Labour' at the Technisches Museum Wien. The red chairs are covered by recycled work wear and the logo-sticker. The sticker is also part of the navigation system through the exhibition (architecture by Walking-Chair) and symbolizes the connection point between the artworks.

From 23 March 2012 until 3 March 2013, installations, photos, videos with focus on the theme 'labour' by 7 artists from seven countries (Harun Farocki, Adrian Paci, Anne Tallentire, Pavel Braila, Anna Jermolaewa, Daniel Knorr, Ulrike Lienbacher) are incorporated into the museum's permanent presentation of the history of technology (trains, airplanes, communication technologies, etc) and reflect the effects of technology on society from the view of art. Such as the installation 'Detectives' (2012, photo below) by the Austrian artist Ulrike Lienbacher who has installed mirrors, which are known from industrial halls to monitor workers. "The mirrors rotate at random like instruments of anonymous observation controlled by an invisible hand."

Additionally, the museum visitors can solve various tasks to the artworks by playing the digital exhibition game.

fig. left: View into the exhibition space of the Technisches Museum Wien where the red chairs by Walking Chair and Daniel Kroh are used by visitors of the exhibition 'At Your Service - Art and Labour' (23 March 2012 - 3 March 2013). Photo: Thomas Preiss. (C) Technisches Museum Wien/APA-Fotoservice/Preiss.

fig. right: Installation 'Detectives' (2012) by Ulrike Lienbacher (living in Salzburg/Vienna). Visitors watch their own images which are reflected by the observation mirrors. The mirrors hang from the ceiling of the museum space and change their points of view like manipulated by invisible hands. Photo: (C) Rainer Iglar.

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