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Textiles made of Korean knot-work

From 24 August to 23 September 2012, le5venice gallery in Venice (Italy) presents the French artist Aude Tahon whose textile art and craft is a play with volume, space and light. The exhibition under the title 'SHeARE' runs parallel to the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia (29 August - 25 November 2012) and follows the idea of this year's Biennale of a dialogue between architects and cultures of the present and past, and such as Director David Chipperfield states on that "The sharing of differences is critical to the idea of an architectural culture."

fig.: Dress by Aude Tahon with a butterfly wing jewellery sleeve; the textile is pleated, painted and the jewellery bordure is made from Korean knot-work. Aude Tahon's fashion pieces are dialogues with the body and its movements.

The gallery le5venice - founded 2009 not far away from the Piazza San Marco, resides in a space where in former times a mint and later an English pharmacy was settled. Today, visitors can find there artisan craftworks, photography and art.

For 'SHeARE', chief curator Tea Gualdo (founder of le5venice) invited female artists who are transforming together with the curators and guests during the time of the exhibition the space inside and around the gallery with multidisciplinary works such as textile designs, installations and interactive performances. Aude Tahon is in this 'Common Ground' (the title of this year's Architecture Biennale) 'SHe', the heading artist.

"The wordplay SHeARE, deriving from the English "share", consists of two parts - one indicating a woman, another the community." Continue to read more about the exhibition and its title on

Video: Interview by the TV-magazine 'Nec Plus Ultra' of the French broadcasting channel TV5 Monde with the Africa (Burundi) born, in Paris living artist Aude Tahon who creates textile objects like jewellery and fashion pieces by weaving, dyeing textiles and by using Korean knot-work techniques.

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