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Art on beer bottles

...seen at the first ever Beck's Art Label Edition Germany which was launched on 28 June 2012 and will be on view on around 90 mio. bottles through July and August 2012 in Germany (photo below). The campaign with bottle labels by M.I.A., Bloc Party, Seeed, Boys Noize & Paul Snowden, and Anton Corbijn is accompanied by video portraits of the artists entitled 'Folge deinem inneren Kompass' ('Follow your inner compass').


The Berlin-based rock-reggae-dub-dance group Seeed produced a (music-)video where the crowned E from the band's name (even on the Beck's label - photo below, right) plays a mystical role. Currently, Seeed is working on a new album

Photographer Anton Corbijn for example (known for legendary portraits of musicians, artists and film works) contributed a photo showing himself as Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. In the Beck's video portrait, Anton Corbijn speaks about his approach to photography - from documentary shots to conceptional works such as the picture of Jeff Koons captures not only a moment but an idea, and the portrait of Damien Hirst that was prepared before the shooting happened and represents a conceptional work by Anton Corbijn.

Politically and socially aware musician M.I.A. (nominated for two Grammy Awards) created for the Beck's bottle a label that is made of a mixture of patterns arranged in circles with the Yin Yang symbol in the center. M.I.A. says in the video that the art work shows a cell, a frequency that everbody can tap into and which is not defined by money, boundaries, or identity such as it is defined by geography. It's an invitation to think "the best way possible".

fig.: The Beck's Art Label Edition Germany with creations by Boys Noize & Paul Snowden, Anton Corbijn, Bloc Party, M.I.A., and Seeed was launched on 28 June 2012; available through July and August 2012 in Germany.


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