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Interactive art books for kids

In November 2012, Fondation Cartier Paris presented the new coloring book 'Coloriages et fou rire avec Yue Minjun' from the collection of art books for kids. The books series' concept is to send children on discovery of the world of art by getting interactive with sketches by contemporary artists.

Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain collaborates for the books with artists who develop the content in conjunction with their exhibitions at the art space in Paris.

Yue Minjun exhibits currently at the Fondation. He is the latest artist who contributes drawings for the collection of coloring books. Takeshi Kitano's book 'Gosse de peintre' was inspired directly by his art installation for kids which was on view in 2010 and Moebius selected unpublished drawings for the 'Moebius'-coloring book which represents a wide field of his work; more about Moebius at the video below.

fig.: Cover art of the coloring book 'Coloriages et fou rire avec Yue Minjun'. The art work by Yue Minjun is currently on view at Fondation Cartier (14 November 2012 - 17 March 2013). For his coloring book, the Chinese artist has created special drawings of his signature motif - self-portrait of showing him laughing. Find out more about the adaption by Yue Minjun for the coloring book on

Video: Trailer for a documentary about French comic strip artist Jean Giraud alias Moebius.
Fondation Cartier exhibited from 12 October 2010 to 13 March 2011 works by sci-fi, reality-fiction comic strip artist Jean Giraud, who named himself 'Moebius' after the German mathematician, under the title 'Transe-Forme'. Moebius died this year on 10 March 2012. He is also known for his film work like the production design of the movie 'The Fifth Element' (costumes were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier). The exhibition at Fondation Cartier focused on the theme metamorphosis and that "...the forms in our environment may not be as stable as they seem". Moebius' comic strips are non-linear narrations to involve the reader in generating meaning. Therefore he used techniques which are known from the surrealist dessin automatique.

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