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Environmental thoughts in the fashion tent and in the nature museum

In June 2012, two events in Vienna invite visitors to follow thoughts about the environment: the first leads into a fashion tent where the social aspects of the environment are re-worked by designers. The second event concerns the co-existence of humans, animals and plants in the urban landscape and is on view at the city's natural history museum.

On 20 June 2012, the fashion school Modeschule Wien in Hetzendorf in Vienna invites to the 'Show 2012' of around 200 student works under the motto 'Together'. The motto stands for fashion as manifestation of diversity, partnership, and tolerance. The fashion show is directed by Creative Consulter Christopher Just who incorporates the current political and social movements of our society into the presentation. By following consequently the idea of a participative society where members determine individually their lifestyle, the students collaborated closely together on the conception of the show.

fig.: Depicted is a man who sits on a chair, wearing nothing else than high heels. The Modeschule Wien in Hetzendorf/Vienna offers education programs in tailoring, knitting, textile design, head wear, accessories, bags and shoe design.

Another event in Vienna which focuses on the environment - this time it is about the co-existence of plants, animals, and humans in urban landscapes, is 'Freeze' by the Austrians Steinbrener/Dempf at the Naturhistorisches Museum (Museum of Natural History). The exhibition opens on 4 June and runs from 6 June to 23 September 2012.

At 'Freeze', still life sceneries with animals, plants, humans and daily used objects are exhibited in showcases. Steinbrener/Dempf collaborated with the museum's taxidermists to prepare the animals for the 'Freeze' show.

fig.: The image shows one of the showscases filled with a turtle, an animal which looks like a mink, snakes and snake leather shoes.
Photo: Asservatenkammer (C) Steinbrener/Dempf.

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