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Video: Trailer for Lena Dunham's award winning TV series 'Girls'. 'Girls - Season 2' starts on 13 January 2013 on HBO. (Music for the trailer: Ben Kweller 'Commerce, TX', Ellie Goulding 'Anything Could Happen'). Lena Dunham received already several nominations such as for the Women's Image Network Award (concerning media images of women) and won this year at the Emmy Awards.

Lifestyle and fashion of women in their early 20s

...seen in the beginning of December 2012 at the preview of the upcoming new season of the TV series 'Girls' which will premiere on 13 January 2013 on HBO.

The TV series about the life of women in their early 20s is created by Lena Dunham who appears even in the main role 'Hannah Horvath'. The first episodes of 'Girls' debuted on HBO in April 2012. Now, the soundtrack, the key art and the new trailer for Season 2 were presented. Additionally to the TV series, HBO sells t-shirts on the website of the comedy-drama 'Girls' such as the 'Girls Mistakes Girls Make T-Shirt' which references the cultivation of living with errors while having fun.

fig.: The posters for Season 2 of the HBO TV series 'Girls' (premiere on 13 January 2013) show cast members and their quasi motto for the near future such as "I resolve to meet a young financial planner" or "I resolve to wear a shirt".

Left: The role Shoshanna Shapiro (played by Zosia Mamet - key art "I resolve to meet a young financial planner") is described as " with Sex and the City dreams and Brooklyn nightmares,...". Actress Zosia Mamet says in an interview about the clothing style of 'Shoshanna': "I think she's so busy reading magazines and worrying about what the right thing to wear is all the time that she ends up dressing like an asshole."

Right: Adam Sackler (starring Adam Driver - key art "I resolve to wear a shirt") is the boy friend of Hannah. Adam plays an actor-writer-woodworker with "...a love of dirty talk and even dirtier sex."

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