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From experimental pattern studies to glamorous seamless couture

On 20 June 2012, around 200 fashion pieces by students of the fashion school 'Modeschule Wien' in Hetzendorf in Vienna were presented at the 'Show 2012'; from experimental pattern studies realized as sculpture dresses over ready-to-wear like short trousers and elegant tops (photos below) to glamorous couture such as the one which was worn by musician Teresa Rotschopf from the band Bunny Lake.

fig.: Bunny Lake singer Suzy on the Rocks (Teresa Rotschopf) in gold body-suit and black seamless frock-coat alike creation on the catwalk at the Modeschule Wien on 20 June 2012. Photo: Sebastian Philipp. Recently, the awarded (Amadeus Music Award) electronic-dance group Bunny Lake released a video for the new single 'Satellite Sky' from the 11-tracks album 'The Sound Of Sehnsucht' (5 May 2012, Universal Music Austria).

The Modeschule Wien students' motto 'Together' of this year's show stands for fashion as manifestation of diversity, partnership and tolerance. The fashion show was directed by Creative Consulter Christopher Just who incorporated the current political and social movements of our society into the presentation. By following consequently the idea of a participative society where members determine individually their lifestyle, the students collaborated closely together on the conception of the show.

fig. left: The experimental pattern study was realized as sculpture dress. fig. right: Short trousers and sleeveless semi-transparent top; body-suit with asymmetrical cape. Photos: Sebastian Philipp.

Video: Insights into the palace called 'Schloss Hetzendorf', the home of the fashion school 'Modeschule der Stadt Wien'. The Modeschule Wien in Hetzendorf/Vienna offers education programs in tailoring, knitting, textile design, head wear, accessories, bags and shoe design. Video: (C) Namita Herzl + René S.

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