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The female body, music and sculptural outfit

...seen at the video of the performance 'Moneymaker' by feminist artist Holly Bass which was created in February 2012 for the gallery space of the Corcoran in Washington DC; the gallery belongs to Corcoran College of Art + Design. The performance is bespoken on the website of the Corcoran's project 'Take It to the Bridge' where a series of performances in a glass construction designed by Kashuo Bennett for the entry of the gallery were shown this year until 15 September.

US feminist artist, curator, instructor, writer Holly Bass studied journalism and art with focus on social sciences, dance. In the 'Moneymaker' performance (video below), she presents provocatively the 'equipped' female body while dancing to popular funky music. She held her show in the glass construction at the Corcoran where visitors could view her dancing while walking under her. For the performance, Holly Bass wears a sculptural costume which overwrites caricature alike the female back with two 'bootyballs'. Details about the content of the performance with Malcolm X voice recordings and the reference to Sarah Baartman from southern Africa from the turn of the 18/19th century who was known in Europe under the name 'Hottentot Venus' on

On 4 and 5 October 2012 during (e)merge art fair in Washington DC, Holly Bass will perform 'Come Clean' where visitors can wash the artist's hair and get involved into a dialogue with references to mother-child relationship and cultural themes like privacy or identity.

The (e)merge art fair (152 artists from 24 countries from 4 to 7 October 2012) is described as similar to Art Basel Miami Beach. "The big difference is the performance art, like that of Holly Bass (shown): (e)merge has a ton of it, and it makes the fair more than a market destination."

Video: 'Moneymaker' performance by Holly Bass at the Corcoran on 11 February 2012.

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