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Role models for girls

In May 2012, the toy company Lego presented contemporary role models for girls from the Lego Friends line accompanied by a study about the learning process of eight to twelve years old girls.

From 10 to 25 January 2012, Innofact AG questioned 609 mothers and their daughters in German language Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) about their social life and the influence on growing up. Dreaming with friends and 'building' a world where they feel secure is one of the most important results of the study. These worlds are filled with music (listen to or making music is for 79% of the girls the top activity), sport and dancing (68%), animals and nature (60%), fashion and make up (51%), followed by creative activities like crafting (42%).

Lego researches intensively the market to create toys for the needs of young people and their parents: "More boys than ever before, and many girls, are engaged with the play experience we offer, however our active household studies indicate that we have not been as successful in drawing the interest of more girls with what we currently offer." says Mads Nipper, Executive Vice President, Marketing, the LEGO Group on

"We embarked on four years worth of comprehensive, global research with 3,500 girls and their moms to understand what would make LEGO play more interesting for more girls, because we want to increase the number of girls who currently try and engage with the positive benefits of the construction play pattern."

Results of this research are incorporated into the style and stories of Lego products and sceneries as well as into the Lego Friends Heartlake City credo: Girls can do everything.

fig. above: The photo shows a girl from Lego Friends Heartlake City on drums.
fig. below: Two girls equipped for the beach; one with a fruity basket and the other carries a surfboard.

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