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fig.: For the debutantes, the Austrian hat and fashion label Mühlbauer created the head decoration - a sculpturous construction of light-reflecting silver tulle. The spiral references the sign of Le Gand Bal. Photo: (C) Le Grand Bal der Wiener Hofburg.
The subscription for the casting (on 9 December) of the opening dancers for the training at the Elmayer Dance School has already started. 120 debutantes and debutants will open Le Grand Bal on 31 December 2012.

Dressing for 'Nuit de l'Amour' at Le Grand Bal

Le Grand Bal will premiere on 31 December 2012 under the motto 'Nuit de l'Amour' at the baroque architecture of the Hofburg in Vienna. The New Year Eve dance event can be described as art, music, dance and culinary composition in contemporary Viennese style and reaches from waltz over jazz to modern dance.

On 21 November 2012, details and the artistic concept of Le Grand Bal were unveiled such as the headwear of the debutantes for the polonaise ('Fächerpolonaise' by Austrian composer Carl Michael Ziehrer) and the opening waltz ('Amour et Printemps' by French composer Emile Waldteufel). The website of the ball provides some tips for dressing for Le Grand Bal such as "...white dresses are traditionally worn by the debutantes and young ladies. If you choose a sleeveless dress, we recommend teaming it with a stole or bolero jacket.".

After the debutants opening, Jacques Offenbach's 'Ballet des Flocons de Neige' will be performed by the two lead soloists Olga Esina and Roman Lazik from the Vienna State Ballet after the choreography of Boris Neblya and accompanied by the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra. For the third act before the dancefloor opens for everybody, opera sopranist Barbara Payha will interpret the aria 'Je veux vivre' from Charles Gounod's 'Roméo et Juliette'. It is announced that the aria will "spirit ballgoers off to a musical dreamland".

Le Grand Bal is organized by Renate Danler, Hofburg Vienna Managing Director, and is being held under the patronage of Austrian President Dr. Heinz Fischer. For the gourmet gastronomy, Renate Danler collaborates with the well-known Viennese culinary providers Gerstner and Do & Co. The visual style of the ball is created by stage designer and exhibition architect Christof Cremer who says about his vision: "At the New Year's Ball, black and white decorative elements will be bathed in rich filtered light to create a modern yet fairytale atmosphere." A practical tip for the selection of the ball gown!

fig.: Renate Danler, Hofburg Vienna Managing Director, and two debutants. Photo: (C) Le Grand Bal der Wiener Hofburg / Andreas Tischler.

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