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fig.: 'Untitled' (2007), from the series 'Star Shots 2' by Kathrin Günter (born 1971 in Lüchow Dannenberg/Germany, living in Berlin). Exhibited at MMK Zollamt during RAY 2012. More about Kathrin Günter on Saatchi Online.

How media images influence reality

From 20 April to 8 July 2012, RAY presents on three venues in Frankfurt contemporary photographic works by 38 artists from 12 countries with focus on the influence of media images on 'reality' under the title 'Making History'.

The works deliver answers to the questions "How are historical events reflected in images? How do photographs shape our view of history - and which images are withheld from us?" explains RAY 2012 this year's collaborative photographic project of museums and culture institutions of the RheinMain region in Germany.

Even private photos taken by users with their phones and posted on social media networks can harm the private life of a person in future or influence political situations. "Taking pictures means constructing reality," states RAY 2012.

Each of the venues (in sum over 2150 square meters) throws a special light on the theme photography: the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main's exhibition centers around reconstructing history with images; the Frankfurter Kunstverein explores the birth of 'icons' through photojournalistic images and the 'staging' of events by media (newspapers, broadcasting); and at the MMK Zollamt, works from artists like Kathrin Günter and James Mollison provide another view on stylizations and distortions in advertising, glamour, and paparazzi photography.

fig.: 'The Disciples' - Lady Gaga (2008) by James Mollison (born 1973 in Kenya, grew up in England, lives in Venice/Italy). Exhibited at MMK Zollamt during RAY 2012.

James Mollison's series 'The Disciples' shows fans at concerts of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Oasis, Missy Elliot, to name a few. The fans look as if they had been inspired for their style by the public image of their favorite musician. The artist publishes the 'Video Projection' (images from the series with matching music) on his website

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