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fig.: Nick's brother Joey Cassidy (Jamie Bell) and his girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez) in black suit on the 'risky plan' mission. Angie is one of the collaborators of former New York cop Nick Cassidy who was imprisoned because of wrong accusations.

fig.: Nick Cassidy (starring Sam Worthington, main role in 'Avatar', 2009; 'Clash of the Titans', 2010) is the 'Man on a Ledge' at the Roosevelt Hotel - the 'Grande Dame of the Madison Avenue' was built in 1924 on the 45th street, corner Madison in New York City. From here, Nick directs the mission to prove his innocence...
Photos: (C) 2011 Concorde Filmverleih GmbH.

The titles of a movie

'Man on a Ledge' is produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura whose company is known for movies like the 'Transformers'-films (2007/2009/2011), 'Red' with Bruce Willis, or 'Salt' with Angelina Jolie. Before he founded his own production, he worked for Warner Brothers and was responsible for movies like the Matrix-Trilogy (1999/2003), Ocean's Eleven (2001), or the first three Harry Potter films (2001/2002/2004).

The 'Man on a Ledge' script (written by Pablo F. Fenjves) has an own story and begins when Lorenzo di Bonaventura was president of Warner Bros. Di Bonaventura was fascinated by the title - 'Man on a Ledge' is a terminology used by US cops for skyscraper-jumpers. "There's an inherent drama to the idea," says di Bonaventura.

The German title is 'Ein riskanter Plan' which means 'A risky plan'. This changes the focus of the story from the beginning on and throws a more prominent light onto the side-plot and supporting actors such as the Miami, Florida born actress Genesis Rodriguez (image on this page in black suit) who says about her character 'Angie': "I think she's very quick. She's smart, and absolute fun to play. She just doesn't stop. She's always full of energy. Along with Joey, she helps keep the movie running."

Costume designer is Susan Lyall ('Red' 2010; 'Flightplan' with Jodie Foster, 2005;...).

In Italy, the title of the movie is '40 carati' and refers to the target of Nick Cassidy's risky plan.

Video: Official trailer 'Man on a Ledge'; release on 26/27 January 2012 in America (Argentina, Canada, US ...) Europe (Austria, Croatia, Germany...), early February in Asia; details on

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