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Video: Stage performance 'I put a spell on you' by shock rocker Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

The title of this year's biennale is inspired by the mid-1950s song 'I put a spell on you' by US rock 'n' roll, R&B musician Screamin' Jay Hawkins (1929 - 2000) who was known for his 'shock rock' performances with references to Voodoo rituals with skulls, fire, and snakes. (View the full-length, approximately 2 hours documentary about Screamin' Jay Hawkins below).

Voodoo inspired song gives Media Art Biennale in Seoul the title for 2012: 'I put a spell on you'

From 11 September until 4 November 2012, the 7th Seoul International Media Art Biennale (Mediacity Seoul 2012) at the Seoul Museum of Art will present under the title 'Spell on You' works by around fifty international artists concerning the influence of new communication technologies like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter on today's social and political situations.

Since the first ever Mediacity Seoul in 2000, the biennale is dedicated to the digital, computerized, interactive world such as it was expressed in the logo that was created by the Korean graphic designer and curator Ahn Sang-soo. The red/white logo shows '0' and '1' and stands for the data transmissions in new media.

At Mediacity Seoul 2012, the title 'Spell on You' stands for possessing other people by 'spelling' through new media and information technology.

"It can be said that both art and technology can propel the influence of a 'spell,' in the sense that they can pull us in with overwhelming and unpredictable force." says Jinsang Yoo (Artistic Director of the 7th Seoul International Media Art Biennale) on

Video: Documentary 'Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On Me' (2001) about US musician Screamin' Jay Hawkins with interviews with Jim Jarmusch (who used the song 'I put a spell on you' in his movie 'Stranger Than Paradise'), Eric Burdon, etc. The portrait with vintage footage and scenes from Screamin' Jay Hawkins' last concerts was directed and written by Nicholas Triandafyllidis.

"Screamin' Jay Hawkins met Nicholas Triandafyllidis and commissioned him to make a documentary about his notorious life in and out of the music industry. Screaming Jay came to Greece and he gave his very last concerts in Thessaloniki and Athens, before his sudden death in Paris in 2000." Continue to read on

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