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fig.: 'The Unconscious (O)' by Mark Wallinger (2010); part of the installation 'The Unconscious' (2010). 24 digital archival prints on Dibond; Edition of 3. (C) Courtesy carlier | gebauer and the artist. Mark Wallinger uses for 'The Unconscious' cell-phone photos he found on the Internet showing people falling asleep on trains.

Public peep shows, privacy and post-privacy

The photo with the title 'The Unconscious' by Mark Wallinger of a young woman who sleeps in the train is part of the exhibition 'Privacy' which will be on view from 1 November 2012 until 3 February 2013 at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt. The exhibited works will provide insights into today's daily life in a disappearing private sphere and give a preview to the 'post-private' society.

The Schirn Kunsthalle has collected 30 artistic positions (photographs, videos) with focus on private and public spheres by artists like Fiona Tan (uses private snapshots and arranges them on a large tableaux) or - from the early beginnings of the new 'privacy'-era in the 1960s, Andy Warhol's video 'Sleep' (1963) where the artist observes his sleeping lover Beat poet John Giorno over five hours. The list of artists is long and contains prominent names like Marilyn Minter, Ai Weiwei, or Tracey Emin.

"The current debate on the recently coined term "post-privacy" – denoting the radical opening up of the personal sphere – fundamentally questions the hitherto valid notion of privacy."

Currently, another work about privacy and voyeurism by British painter, sculptor, installation, video artist and Turner prize winner Mark Wallinger is on show at the exhibition 'Metamorphosis: Titian 2012' at the National Gallery in London (11 July – 23 September 2012). At 'Metamorphosis', he responds to three paintings by Titian. Mark Wallinger's pictures of women, their names are 'Diana' after Titian's works Diana and Actaeon, Diana and Callisto, can be viewed in modern bathroom scenes. (Find out more about the exhibition at The Guardian's amusing report referencing Titian's age of around 70 years 'Titian and the National Gallery's other 'dirty old men'' and at the article 'Mark Wallinger's 'Diana' Invites Museum Patrons To Spy On Naked Women In Bathroom' with photos on Huffington Post where the art experience is described as a situation which "makes every visitor guilty of Actaeon's voyeuristic habit.")

Video interview with British artist Mark Wallinger: Camera obscura and the re-imaging of live-reality with time delay is the theme of Mark Wallinger's video-installation 'Sinema Amnesia' at the Margate promenade on occasion of the summer exhibition at Turner Contemporary in Margate, Kent (UK, 7 July 2012 to 5 August 2012). The 'Sinema Amnesia' installation questions memory and perception; and indirectly the 'belief'-system of today's society.

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