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The Samurai Girl, the Fighter, the Pioneer

...are the titles of the portraits of three of the 14 members Berlin based multi-national dance crew 'The Flying Steps' on

fig.: Three members (Syrian descendant Khaled Chaabi, Japanese Yui Kawaguchi, Swiss Benny Kimoto) of the four times breakdancing world champions The Flying Steps pose for a portrait prior to the Red Bull Flying Bach performance in Zagreb (Croatia) on 4 May 2012. Photo: (C) Tomislav Moze/Red Bull Content Pool.

The Flying Steps production Red Bull Flying Bach has been awarded with the 'ECHO Klassik Sonderpreis 2010' for outstanding achievements in classical music. In 2011, the dance crew was with the production on tour through Europe.

On 3 May, the Red Bull Flying Bach World Tour 2012 started at the Istrian National Theater in Pula (Croatia), on 5 and 6 May the dancers performed in Zagreb. The 70 minutes dance performance combines street art, theatre and classical music. The breakdance performance's choreography follows a storyline, the stage scenery shows digital visuals, and Johann Sebastian Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier is interpreted by a piano, harpsichord, and electronic beats.

Red Bull Flying Bach arrives in 11 other countries in the Middle East, Asia and Europe; next dates are 13 and 14 June/Georgia, 15 & 16 September/Norway, 22 & 23 September/Lebanon, etc. The 2012 world tour's closing event is announced for December in Russia.

Video: The video provides insights into the rehearsals for the Red Bull Flying Bach performance by The Flying Steps and interviews with Vartan Bassil (choreographer, dancer, head of Flying Steps), dancers Benny Kimoto, Yui Kawaguchi...

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