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Video: First episode of the collaborative series 'Young Americans' for the creative enterprise (music, art, media, exhibitions, radio) Scion AV. The series is created by the global youth media company Vice (launched in 1994 as a 'punk zine'; today, Vice is known for its online videos, television productions, magazine, record label, the music discovery channel Noisey...) and filmmaker Lance Bangs who asked for the first episode people across the United States 'What Is Your Life Like?'.

The next episode will be released today on 13 December and will throw a light on '24 Hours at the Shortstop Deli'. For 14 December, the filmmaker asks 'Does It Matter Who The President Is?'. Find the full program on YouTube.

It is announced that upcoming episodes will feature guest appearances from The League's Nick Kroll and Odd Future's Lucas Vercetti.

Lifestyle of young people America is the theme of the collaborative eight-part documentary series 'Young Americans' by Vice and filmmaker Lance Bangs for Scion AV. The first episode premiered on 10 December 2012 on and covers economical and social circumstances of young people, their fears and hopes.

Director Lance Bangs says: "I began the shoots feeling a sense of detachment and frustration from many of the young people I was meeting and filming, who were largely concerned with navigating a stressed financial landscape. As my travels went on and the election year backdrop ramped up, people became more engaged in conversations about the direction of the country and carving out their own place within it."

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