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On 13 June 2012, Vienna based art magazine 'Spike' will launch Issue 32 at Kunsthalle Basel. The magazine opens with the fashionable photography by US artist Roe Ethridge (born 1969 in Miami, lives in New York) showing Louis Vuitton shoes and two wrinkled green bell peppers. Ethridge's work between commercial photography and art will be portrayed on the following pages with an interview under the title 'From still lifes and fashion shoots to the everyday' by Fionn Meade.

Another interesting, fashion related artist is bespoken in the article by Filipa Ramos who throws a light on the post-feminist approach of Austrian-born (1970) in London living video artist Ursula Mayer. Filipa Ramos reviews selected video works by Ursula Mayer such as the most recent 'Gonda' (2012) which is developed on inspiration of a theatre piece with the title 'Ideal' about a glamorous movie star. Ursula Mayer's film centers around themes like the representation of women, androgyny, transgender. The artist uses for the fragmented picture story with text by Maria Fusco images from the glamorous fashion world.

Find the cover photo by Roe Ethridge and the portrait of Ursula Mayer (accessible for readers!) on (English/German).

Video: Trailer 'Gonda' by Ursula Mayer (2012), screenplay by writer Maria Fusco, featuring transgender model Valentijn de Hingh and others; funded by FLAMIN, Film London Artists' Moving Image Network.
The short film is inspired by Ayn Rand's 1937 play 'Ideal' and described as "...a critical reading of aspects of revolutionary modernism and how this continues to impact our society today."

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