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Dresses, dancer, shoes

fig.: 'A Journey' (2011, found objects, dimensions variable) by Judith Wright (born 1945, living in Brisbane, Australia). Courtesy the artist; Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne; and Jan Manton Art, Brisbane. Photograph: Carl Warner.

...seen at the artist presentation on the website of the 18th Biennale of Sydney which is entitled this year 'all our relations' (27 June until 16 September 2012), such as at the puppet which sits in a wheel-chair with shoes on its knees. The installation by the Australian artist Judith Wright is made of found objects and references a dancer and the vulnerability of the body.

The former ballet dancer and multi-disciplinary artist (video, installations...) Judith Wright reflects her own personal experiences which center around the body. The artist says that "our body is the vehicle with which we travel through life" Pieces like shoes are citations, representations of the 'not available' body.

On 29 February 2012, the artistic directors Catherine de Zegher and Gerald McMaster unveiled the names of more than 100 participating artists from all over the world at Australia's largest contemporary visual arts event. Half of the artists will present works specifically created for the event such as the Beijing (China) living Jin Nü whose 20 new created dresses remember the one-child policy in former China:

"While Jin Nü explains that it was not her intention, the work can also be read as a metaphor for the one-child policy that she grew up with – a form of memorial for the millions of children, many female, who have not been born."

fig.: 'Exuviate II – Where Have All The Children Gone?' (2005, 20 silk dresses, dimensions variable) by Jin Nü (born 1984, living in Beijing, China). Courtesy the artist and White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney.

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