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Traditional Chinese art incorporated into contemporary jewellery

From 1 to 30 June 2012, the exhibition 'huh?!' at Bishop Lei International House in Hong Kong presents jewellery by designer Tricia Tang who was inspired by her father Tang Cheong Shing's traditional Chinese calligraphy and seal carvings.

The necklaces and rings combine different media - such as Chinese calligraphy from the Buddhist Heart Sutra and English text from the Catholic Bible; they are incorporated into the hearts of a necklace with red thread which stands for the bond that reaches over generations, creative directions, concepts, and mind sets.

Another jewellery piece by Tricia Tang looks like water that is falling from around the neck over the décolleté. It is inspired by Tang Cheong Shing's ink/color painting 'Withdraw From Cities' from 1985.

fig.: 'It is the Buddhism I Respect and the Catholicism I Embrace' neckpiece by Tricia Tang, 2012. The hearts with writings are bond together with a red thread. The texts are from the English version of the Bible and the interpretation of the Chinese version of the Buddhist Prajnaparamita Hrdaya Sutra (the Heart Sutra).

The exhibition 'huh?!' invites visitors to follow the conversation between father and daughter and meet traditional art and contemporary design from China. Additionally, visitors can make their own tattoo jewellery with stone seals from Tricia Tang's series 'What I have Become'.

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