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Andy Warhol's visual iconography theme at the Tate Liverpool exhibition 'Glam! The Performance of Style' (8 February – 12 May 2013) about the evolution of glam culture in North America and Europe beginning with the 1960ies, and Andy Warhol's style is theme at a brand new opera. Warhol inspired minimal-composer Philip Glass for the visual language of the opera 'The Perfect American' which premiered recently on 22 January 2013 at Teatro Real Madrid and will be live streamed on 6 February.

At the Tate Liverpool exhibition, Andy Warhol's work is on view at the room 'The Glamour Factory' and represents "...the influence of American art and visual culture on the glam sensibility..."

Video 'Philip Glass habla sobre "The Perfect American"' (published on 25 January 2013). The opera 'The Perfect American' is about Walt Disney who created a language through cartoon that became global. At minute 3:20, Philip Glass begins to speak about Andy Warhol who inspired the visual language of the opera.

Philip Glass' opera 'The Perfect American' is - in short words, about a similar theme: the symbiosis of pop and high-culture. The opera is about Walt Disney, how the cartoon movie creator thought about himself and his legacy, the libretto includes a dialogue with Abraham Lincoln which is mentioned in many of the linked reviews on Philip Glass' website (fast checked on 2 February 2013) such as on British Telegraph (the scene is also on view at the video above) -- the 2 parts/approximately 1:45 hour stage production is about American culture in general. LA Times writes: "Disney gets in an argument with the robot about blacks, and Lincoln goes crazy again and whacks Walt." On BBC (starts at minute 2:50), Philip Glass explains that Andy Warhol is representing high-art and popular-art at the same time.

Philip Glass says in the video (above) that Andy Warhol was influenced by Walt Disney such as in the way he worked (Tate Liverpool introduces with a short biography into the art fields of Warhol such as painting, screen-printing, film-making). On his search for a language for the opera, Philip Glass was inspired by Andy Warhol and brought the style of Warhol - such as known from his paintings and the lively colors of his pictures, into the opera.

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