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fig.: Ulli Lust's view on a daily scenery at the Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin; translation of the writing in the balloon "Oh no mama! Not again to the café!" 'Ach nö Mama, Alltagsszene im Prenzlauer Berg' by Ulli Lust, 2002, (C) Ulli Lust. Provided by MKG Hamburg on occasion of the exhibition 'comicleben_comiclife' which runs from 20 December 2013 until 4 May 2014.

Comic author who observes like a journalist

Some days ago on 20 December 2013, the German museum for art and industry MKG in Hamburg opened the exhibition 'comicleben_comiclife' with more than 400 examples of the culture of comics. The exhibition makers follow the biographies of six persons who are 'living' (on show are costumes of a female cosplayer - one who slips into the role of a comic character), analyzing (scientist of picture stories), selling (publisher, gallery owner) and producing comics. One of the producers is comic artist Ulli Lust who belongs even to the novelists under the comic authors. Her works reach from cartoons for daily press over comic reports like the 'Fashionvictims' series to graphic novels which are leading the reader with pictures into stories such as the one of the autobiographical 464 pages book 'Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life' about two young girls who travel from Vienna (where Ulli Lust is born) over the Alps to Italy. The book was released in several languages.

In the video below, the Austrian in Berlin living comic author Ulli Lust speaks (English subtitles) about her documentary comic style, the Fashionvictims series and how she approaches the observation of people like a journalist who captures and chronicles today's society. Therefore she uses a camera; the photos are the basis for the illustrations. Ulli Lust says: "I work like a journalist; one who uses the comic as my medium. The difference with, for example, a video documentary is my emphasis on the subjective gaze." For the Fashionvictims series, Lust portrayed people who were dressed in the latest fashion but made little mistakes in their styling - the victims of fashion.

Since September 2013, Ulli Lust is professor for illustration and comic at the Hochschule Hannover in Germany.

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