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A photographer's Viennese dark humour for nutrition style

...seen at the image 'Eat Me' by Cyril Helnwein whose provocative, eccentric images (with fetish-touch) will be presented at the exhibition 'Beautiful Disasters' at Yoshi's Contemporary Art Gallery. The gallery at the Wollzeile in the inner city of Vienna is the exhibition space of experimental sushi restaurant (Dots) owner and art collector Martin Ho. The image was sent right in time before the big 'Ganslessen' - the 'Goose-Eating' - here in this city starts. The calory-bomb destruction begins on 11 November on occasion of Saint Martin and is practised the whole month through; an old and perhaps overcome tradition for preparing the body with additional fat for the cold days of winter.

Cyril Helnwein was born in Vienna and is living in Ireland and Los Angeles. The photographer knows about Viennese humour from his father, Austrian-born painter Gottfried Helnwein who told him these jokes which are spiced with bad taste.

fig. right: 'Eat Me' by Cyril Helnwein. Below: The photographer's self-portrait with skull, medicine bottles, sketch of a human skeleton and a stuffed white bird. The exhibition 'Beautiful Disasters' is on view from 20 November 2013 until 31 January 2014 at Yoshi's Contemporary Art Gallery in Vienna. Photos: (C) Cyril Helnwein.

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