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Exhibitions that will be on view in 2014

At the end of December 2013, Fashionoffice reviewed the magazine's articles about exhibitions and selected the ones which are open until next year and beyond.

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12 January 2014

Kunsthaus Bregenz (AT)

Words, messages, a t-shirt and thoughts about mass media
Barbara Kruger's white t-shirt with red and black printing shows the question 'Can Money Buy You Love?'...

31 January 2014

Yoshi's Contemporary Art Gallery, Vienna (AT)

Cyril Helnwein at the opening of 'Beautiful Disasters'
...during Vienna Art Week. "It was probably one of the most fashionable exhibition openings during this week; for sure..."

9 February 2014

Barbican Art Gallery, London (UK)

The impact of everyday objects on art and vice versa

The exhibition 'Pop Art Design' at Moderna Museet Stockholm documents with pieces from art, design and media new roles...

14 February 2014

Austrian Cultural Forum London (UK)

Austrian women in Great Britain
Photographer Marion Trestler's photo/oral history book 'Destination UK - Women Immigrants from Post-War Austria' presents 27 women...

23 February 2014

Galerie Taxispalais, Innsbruck (AT)

Alicia Framis' outfits for activists the retrospective 'Framis in Progress' at Galerie Taxispalais in Innsbruck, Austria. The costumes of the social performance 'Anti Dog'...

23 March 2014 

Kunsthalle Krems (AT) 

An artist's view on food waste
Photographer Klaus Pichler's rotten strawberries on a silver plate from the series 'One Third' at the exhibition 'Eating in Art' at Kunsthalle Krems...

21 April 2014

Victoria & Albert Museum in London (UK)

Islamic culture in fashion and textiles
Jameel Prize nominees like the fashion designers of Dice Kayek exhibit their works at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. In the video, they...
travels worldwide: Sao Paulo, Brazil (Jan - April 2014), followed by Chicago, US (Sept 2014 - Jan 2015), Paris, France in 2015, Groningen, Netherlands in 2015/16, etc.

David Bowie's impact on art and fashion
The world touring retrospective 'David Bowie is' provides insights into the cultural and social changes of the last five decades...

1 May 2014

Karl-Marx-Hof, Vienna (AT) 

Sport, social research and a clothing campaign
The special exhibition 'The Unemployed from Marienthal / The Red Vienna' at the Karl-Marx-Hof in Vienna...

4 May 2014

MKG Hamburg (DE)

Ulli Lust observes fashion like a journalist
The Austrian in Berlin living Ulli Lust is one of six representatives of comic culture at 'comicleben_comiclife' at the MKG in Hamburg...

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