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fig.: Frankfurt Airport Style Award 2013, category 'NeoLuxury'; the creation 'Die Entdeckung einer neuen Welt' (transl. 'The discovery of a new world') by Paola Haitz Olaguivel consists of a bikini top in combination with long skirt which shows the photo print of an exotic sunset. Photo: (C) Frank Seifert.

Frankfurt Style Award 2014 calls for entries

In early October 2013, the Frankfurt Style Award started the call for next year's competition. Until 28 February 2014, students from fashion schools all over the world can submit their fashion visualizations of the idea 'United Diversity' (in the meaning that we all share one world even when we look and speak differently) in free categories 'Uniform' (such as uniforms of air attendants which are recognized worldwide), 'Unisex' ("Rigid division of roles according to gender is history," states Frankfurt Style Award) and 'Unicult'; last mentioned category refers the adoration of 'beauty' and its diversity. The practice of 'adoring' something or someone which or who is 'beautiful' is universal - universal means that all cultures all over the world and since people can remember adore 'beauty', while the definition of 'beauty' differs over times and cultures.

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