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fig.: The image 'Posters in Hiroshima' shows a woman in traditional Japanese dressing with wooden shoes (similar to flip flops with high sole, the wooden footwear is called 'geta'), kimono, and umbrella in front of mid-1950s advertising boards in Hiroshima, Japan (July 1955). Photo by John Chillingworth/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images; (C) 2007 Getty Images. The street photography was originally published 1955 in the photojournalistic magazine Picture Post which founded the Hulton Archive in the mid-1940s.

Since the 1940ies, the Hulton Archive indexes its pictures after keywords and classifications (so called 'metadata'). The cataloguing system was developed by Charles Gibbs-Smith of the Victoria and Albert Museum. With the digitalization, this system allowed the migration to the web easily. In 1997 (one year after it became part of Getty Images), these metadata were transferred to the website and supported the search after images.

Image credit by Getty Images:
Title: Posters In Hiroshima
Caption: A woman walking past a line of advertising posters in Hiroshima, July 1955. Original Publication: Picture Post - 7849 - Hiroshima - pub. 1955 (Photo by John Chillingworth/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Byline: John Chillingworth
Copyright: 2007 Getty Images
Keywords: diry, 16080|contrasts|Fashion|traditionally, Japanese|poster|female|J143106503|Japanese|M, 88884, PP, 7849, PKT, 1, FR, 21|black, &, white|JHC, HIRO, 36|advertising|HJ6532

Geta shoes, bad hair day style, swimming hats, pink tights...

Since 1 May 2013, Getty Images shows for one month (until 1 June 2013) selected images from its archive at the exhibition 'Best of Archive' at Getty Images Gallery in London.

With over 90 million images (0.1 per cent are digitized), the Getty Images Archive is the world's largest commercial photography archive and contains photojournalistic images from diverse fields such as from war reporting, motor sport, glam shots, lifestyle and fashion like swimming hats or Twiggy in pink tights.

Video: Matthew Butson, Vice President of Hulton Archive (belongs since 1996 to Getty Images), provides insights into the extensive collection of photos which reach back 150 years.

Matthew Butson presents some worldwide best renowned pictures as well as rarities, such as an image (looks like a vintage print from the late 19th century) of an extraordinary hair cut: "If you ever thinking of having a bad hair day, trying to remember this ... I have no idea what is going on with her haircut there." (at ca. minute 2:00).

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