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'Hunter's Life' series
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
Insights into the life of a publisher and media researcher with base in Vienna (Austria) through summer.

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25 April
- 29 May - 18 June - 9 July

Today's insight: 14 July 2013

Partner and children?

Even when a woman does not speak about her private life in public, sometimes she has to declare how it looks at her 'home'. Nobody else can force a woman to do this - except the state. Now we even know the office which collects the most interesting data - it is not Google or Facebook, it is our own representation which assembles the most sensible information - we are the ones, it's the state!

Earlier this year, I wrote an article on occasion of Data Privacy Day about the stamp 'Without partner and children' (partner in the meaning of life partner similar to husband) on my official documents in Austria and the difference between personalized and anonymous data. Last mentioned - anonymous data, are used for example by Fashionoffice for counting pageviews. We don't receive personalized data through the server logs or other tools - and we wouldn't be allowed either to know more about visitors of our domains. You can check the used measurement methods - they are internationally accredited and in conformity with the law, on In Austria, only a judge can allow the opening of the logs for assembling personalized information. Everybody who gathers for private information about somebody else could come into troubles.

Well, some months after the state put its nose into my private life, they sent me a letter to sign an 'Integration Agreement'. This was not the reason why I started on 25 April the 'Hunter's Life' series; albeit the 'Integration Agreement' had hunting horn appeal. It came shortly after the 25th April and my article about Fashionoffice's March statistics (23,340 Clicks on Adsense advertising while only 9,228 People were measured by Quantcast). On 28 April, I posted the 'Hunter's Life' series for the first time additionally via the domain on Blopspot. 

fig.: The images were made this month at the Neusiedler See nearby Vienna, Austria. (I am dating the friend on the photo above since 70,8% years of my life.)

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