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'Hunter's Life' series
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
Insights into the life of a publisher and media researcher with base in Vienna (Austria) - Autumn Editions

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Today's insight: 15 October 2013

Is it better to be good or to be evil?
From my experience, I would say: you have to decide after your own preferences. Do you wanna live well and honored by society or will you live a mini-life as nobody?

Everybody is his or her own architect of the future. Perhaps I have decided to go the wrong way - perhaps I wouldn't make the same decision again; and perhaps this practice of 'regretting' is something I am trained in by my religion where everybody begs for forgiveness for the 'original sin'; albeit the story about the seductive, sneaky snake has absolutely nothing to do with me.

Last week, I wrote an article on Fashionoffice about young people and their future plans, inspired by the Diesel Black Gold booth at Viennafair. Young people are often disillusioned about their future. In the meanwhile, there exist Austrians who prefer publicly to become an It-Girl instead of learning something. Why not? We have cases in Austria which lead people onto such ways. Recently, the administration of the city of Vienna discovered that money from the state budget for fashion designers was used mainly for other things than the direct support of the members of this industry. (Report page 20: "Es zeigte sich somit, dass deutlich weniger als die Hälfte der erhaltenen Subventionsmittel direkt den Modeschaffenden zufloss." The inquiry ran over three from in sum twelve years of the program's activities.) Well, the ones who made these things lived for twelve years as honorable group and in monetarily well-resourced surrounding. These are twelve years of life!

I can write this article in such an open manner, because I know that almost nobody (except myself) will read my opinion here in Austria (statistics).

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