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'Hunter's Life' series
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
Insights into the life of a publisher and media researcher with base in Vienna (Austria) through summer.

Previous insight: 25 April 2013 - 29 May 2013

Today's insight: 18 June 2013

Why I will not visit Salzburg Festival? 
It's not because I am snobby.

I simply don't have an invitation.

There are many events I will not visit. But this has nothing to do with my work which is about writing. Could you imagine if I had all the things, clothing, shoes, cars, lipsticks, art pieces... I am reporting about? It's the same with culture events; and if I had all the invitations I could not visit every event. 

The Salzburg Festival is not on my schedule this summer - and without being jealous of other journalists who had been invited in the last years (and perhaps I am jealous), it's a matter of honor to be snobby and don't even think about visiting Salzburg Festival for writing about. Now I have to keep my face (with other words: no need to send an invitation). 

If I go or not, will affect approximately nobody in Austria; around 350 Austrians per month are interested in Fashionoffice content - the average Facebook user has more friends! The low traffic is even the reason why I don't receive (work-)invitations and get informed timely like other journalists. Traffic is the key to the professional news pipeline.

But I feel quite good in my snobbishness and published recently an article about styling (dress, shoes, bag) for the Salzburg Festival which is one of Austria's most important culture events. You can read the editorial article on Fashionoffice.

fig.: On 16 June 2013, 6 Austrians visited Fashionoffice; chart by Quantcast generated on 18 June 2013.

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