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'Hunter's Life' series
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
Insights into the life of a publisher and media researcher with base in Vienna (Austria) - Autumn Editions

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Today's insight: 2 October 2013

Content or network technology?
Content has not so much relevance like the domain where it is published and the used measurement system.

This is the consequence of the monthly statistics generated yesterday by Google Analytics and Blogger on Fashionoffice's own domains and for articles on

One of the most interesting results is the fact that visitors of the magazine's most viewed articles on the own domains (hosted/administrated in Massachusettes, United States) come from Vienna (Google Analytics, category 'City') over the network domain (Google Analytics, category 'Technology'); while Fashionoffice articles on are mainly viewed by users from the United States (no network source named by Blogger).

Now, users and professionals will have to live with results of statistics which are counted by content producers like user votes. The situation is similar to the one here in Austria after last Sunday's voting for a new government - nobody knows whether the party with the most votes will come into the government or not. We are living here in uncertain political constellations and nobody knows at the time in which direction our country will go in future. And it's not the first time that the Austrians will get dumbfounded.

Perhaps the politicians are using online statistics for the conception of their political programs...

fig.: The image shows me at an exhibition at the Volkskundemuseum in Vienna in front of the audio-installation by the researchers of the Institute of History concerning the Women's Property Collection at the University of Vienna. I wrote about the exhibition (runs until 27 October 2013) earlier this year on

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