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'Hunter's Life' series
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
Insights into the life of a publisher and media researcher with base in Vienna (Austria) - Autumn Editions

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Today's insight: 21 October 2013

After spring and summer 2013 was packed with english course, an irrational investigation about my private life and an integration agreement I should sign - by the way in the meanwhile, I am with my Fashionoffice domains perfectly integrated in Austria (the main visitor source of top-articles is Vienna via, I am looking forward into future, waiting for what's coming next after this summer which clarified one thing: the meaning of the word 'integration' is negatively attributed.

The word 'integration' has in Europe a very special meaning when it is used by politicians, the state administration or organizations which work for the state. Europe has many different cultures and they are living very near together, in cities they meet each other every day. Especially here in Vienna (the heart of Europe between East and West), people are trained in multicultural living. There is nothing wrong (normally) with integration - to integrate into a group or lifestyle is positive as it offers the chance to explore something new. It even doesn't mean that the integration into one group automatically causes the lost of other groups' memberships. And it doesn't mean that 'integration' is binding a person during the whole life. And for sure: not all people like each other; and sometimes grown sympathy can fade away after disappointments.

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