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'Hunter's Life' series
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
Insights into the life of a publisher and media researcher with base in Vienna (Austria) - Autumn Editions

Previous insight: latest summer issue

First Autumn Issue, today's insight: 29 August 2013

The hunt goes on!
This series was intended to run over summer only. Caused by the great success, I will continue my experiments with measurements on the domains Blogger and Blogspot and compare them further with content on Fashionoffice's own domains.


The title of this series, the 'Hunter's Life', was inspired by a song. I will continue even this tradition and start into the new season 'Autumn' with a musical highlight from Vienna: check out Leonard Bernstein conducting the great hunting music by Beethoven at the Konzerthaus Wien.

Well, even this series is a sort of concert - a concert of statistics in an interplay which is made of disharmonizing notes reflecting a world that handles with facts which are not probable but reality. The bias could be caused by content delivery and storage in computer-networks which are connecting people over the world. Take a closer look at the example 'Popularity Booms' and make up your own opinion.

Statistical summary of the traffic of the summer editions of the 'Hunter's Life' series (28 April - 29 August 2013) and traffic data of Fashionoffice's domains (,,,

  • 36,995 Pageviews
  • Fashionoffice traffic data from the magazine's own domains
    (listing of the most viewed article below):

    Quantcast - 29,747 People; Google Adsense - Ad requests 95,015/6,143 Clicks
Most viewed articles (28 Apr - 29 Aug) Domain/Measurement Pageviews

'Hunter's Life' Jun 18, 2013 10426

'Hunter's Life' May 29, 2013 6911

'Hunter's Life' Jul 9, 2013 6433

'Hunter's Life' Jul 14, 2013 3250

'Hunter's Life' Aug 2, 2013 2250

'Hunter's Life' Aug 16, 2013 1459 Analytics 498

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