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'Hunter's Life' series
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
Insights into the life of a publisher and media researcher with base in Vienna (Austria) through summer.

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Today's insight: 9 July 2013

Is Edward Snowden a symbolic figure?
The answer must be 'yes'.

It only differs (country wise) for what the symbol 'Snowden' stands. People can choose: he can be a traitor for the ones who do not wish to see the truth, or he is one person who followed only citizen's obligation. In both cases, Snowden is a symbolic figure for the hottest political theme in these days: digital communication.

Citizens are not involved into the chess game of international politicians. (Even small countries' politicians are not involved, by the way.) Unfortunately, some chess gamers are involving 'normal' people like most of the web and phone users are. Edward Snowden didn't unveil news - average web users already knew before leaker Snowden climbed the stage of the public that each communication is tracked (in Austria by law) and that espionage networks can endanger computer security. What makes Snowden really interesting is that he became a visible, symbolic figure for the political kindergarten game between the countries which is now played in public.

Digital communication is challenging all of us these days! 

Art and media are navigation points through the sea of uncertainty; but it's also a fact that we are living in a world of mathematical insecurity which is made of non-transparent clouds. My personal opinion: high ranking themes say nothing about the quality of their content. Best example for my hypothetical statement is Fashionoffice's statistic from last week. Check the statistical report and make up your own opinion: Popular Content on Fashionoffice (first week of July).

fig.: The images were made this month at the Neusiedler See nearby Vienna, Austria.

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